Happy Birthday Taekwondo World – On the 11th of April 1955 a board, consisting of ministers and army officers was convened by Gen. Choi in order to officially name this art that he had researched into and invented. Taekwon-Do was the name submitted by the General and accepted thereby becoming the name of the most powerful Martial Art the world has come to know.

Master Gibson and McKennzie Wedding Reception 3/27/2021 and upcoming Wedding April 24, 2021.

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This video made by Vienna Austria ITF Head quarters - Taekwondo History of Grandmaster Woojin Jung. GM Teaching 60 years (Hwan-Gup)환갑 1960 - 2020. Still 4 times a week teaching and enjoy. I'm not WTF/ITF I'm pioneer. I'm not South Korea/North Korea I'm Korean. 나는 남한도 북한도아닌 한국사람 이며.ITF도 WTF도아닌 태권도 개척자임니다.
Iowa Farmers Kick It with TaeKwonDo

~TaeKwonDo Times https://taekwondotimes.com//product/july-2019


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