The purpose of the Jungs Taekwondo Black Belt organization is to promote the social welfare of the neighborhood by preserving the architecture and appearance of the original Taekwondo Academy, to provide education and physical fitness opportunities to the general public, and to assist in the prevention of neighborhood crime by providing and educating in traditional martial arts philosophy to our students.  Our over all goal is to facilitate a spirit of cooperation and community service between our students and local community.


    Jungs Taekwondo is part of the Wellington Heights neighborhood.  Our focus is to support the neighborhoods in its efforts to develop a healthy thriving neighborhood. The Wellington Heights neighborhoods and every community struggles with bad reputations and bad perceptions.


    Jungs Taekwondo has been a part of this community since 1973 and has changed thousands of students lives since that time.  Students have walked through the schools doors from all sorts of diverse backgrounds. Several students have come from underprivileged  families, had criminal backgrounds, single parent families and much more. Taekwondo provides a structured environment for youth and adults regardless of any background or disabilities in helping to overcome life’s obstacles.


    Many positive improvements have happened in the Wellington Heights Neighborhood such as community gardens, little free libraries, rehab-ed houses and upgraded streets.  Jungs Taekwondo Black Belt Association  intends to continue these efforts by upgrading the looks of the Jungs Taekwondo schools existing building and parking keeping inline with the city’s efforts to develop and increasing property values.


    Jungs Blackbelt Association has offered reduced rates, or free lessons to hundreds of underprivileged families and provides them with martial arts programming that builds confidence and provides a life changing safe environment.


    Families need role models for their children and young adults to thrive. Jungs Taekwondo has over six thousand black belts from diverse backgrounds including community leaders from the Cedar Rapids police department, corporate business, political leaders and small business owners. These individuals mentor students and provide an environment to allow for growth at many levels.  Students are asked to give back to the community by volunteering and living by the tenants of Taekwondo which are: Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit.  Many lives have and can be changed through Jungs Black Belt Association and will continue for future generations.