How to Join

 How do I join?

Beginners can start at anytime, we do not go by sessions. We will provide one on one instruction when needed. All you need to do is Call GM Jung at 319-431-7708 to schedule a free 5-7 minute test to find out if you are able to sign up for Tae Kwon Do class.

Jung’s Tae Kwon Do-Main School
Located At.
1510 Mt. Vernon RD SE
Cedar Rapids IA, 52403
Office 319-363-2425


What do I wear?

New members should wear comfortable athletic clothes like workout pants and a  t-shirt. We practice in bare feet. When you sign up for classes you will recieve your Taekwondo uniform.

How long does it take to get a black belt?

It is different for every person. Each martial art has different skills and time-in-rank requirements, in addition to participating in tournaments, demonstrations, and teaching responsibilities. On average, it is possible to achieve a black belt in about 3-4 years, if one attends class frequently and consistently.


What does Taekwondo Classes cost?

Pricing will be discussed personally  during your  free 5-7 minute test.  We want to match you with the best program option. 

Please contact us for pricing information
Call Grandmaster Jung at 319-431-7708
 or email
If you are interested in trying out our family martial arts program -Taekwondo .  Just fill out the form below or give us a call at 319-431-7708 Cell or office 319-363-2425  (We will never share your information.)